🧰 The Ultimate Property Investor Toolbox – Resource List

Welcome to the Property Beacon Property Investor Toolbox. 

This is a resource list for property investors in the UK that will be added to and updated over time.

None of the items on the list should be seen as endorsements.

The examples are here to make it easy to find possible options for what you’re looking for. Always double-check reviews and see if they’re right for your needs. 

All In One Platforms

These are places where you can carry multiple activities like sourcing properties, analysing , managing and financing.

Find Properties

Here are some property portals you can use to find properties on the market.

General Property Portals


Here are some sites where you can find auction properties. 


Finding BMV Below Market Value Properties

Chrome Extensions

These Chrome extensions give you access to additional data that Rightmove won’t show you.

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Find Financing / Mortgages

Comparison websites

Mortgage advisors / brokers

Buying Property with Tenants in Situ

Property Research and Analysis 

Remote Viewings 

Portfolio Management

Tenant Referencing

Business Set Up 

Easy to Set Up Business Accounts

Company Creation


Current Mortgage Rates and Interest Rates


House price indexes

General Info and News


Find Surveyors

Other Types of Investments Platforms

You can use these for alternative types of investments like index funds and ISAs.