What Does GCH Mean In Property?

If you see the acronym GCH on a property listing, don’t worry it’s not an exotic type of mould you’re unaware of.

The meaning of GCH in property is pretty simple:

GCH stands for Gas Central Heating when talking about real estate or property. 

Not all listings on Rightmove will list this as a feature as it’s normally pretty obvious what kind of heating the property has and gas central heating is the most common form of heating in the UK.

What Does GCH DG Mean?

You’ll often see GCH alongside other acronyms like DG too. DG means double glazing in property

You’ll also see properties that have GCH DG which just means the property has Gas Central Heating and Double Glazing.

How Many Properties In The UK Have GCH?

According to the 2021 census in the UK, 74% of households used mains gas central heating, 9% used electric central heating, 3% used oil central heating and 1% had no central heating.

But some estate agents like to put it down on listings as some people may see it as a selling point compared to other types of heating. 

Some people prefer gas central heating compared to other systems like heat pumps or electric heating because they feel the heat output is more reliable, particularly in cold winters and inefficient homes.

Here’s a video that makes a case against heat pumps.

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