How To Find Square Footage Of A Property On Rightmove? πŸ“

It feels like agents just don’t want you to know the size of a property sometimes.

Luckily in this post, we show you how to find the size of a property listed on Rightmove.

This is short and simple, to find the square footage of a property on Rightmove follow the following six steps:

  1. Find the full address of the property.
  1. Go to this page on GOV.UK and enter the postcode of the property.
  1. Enter the postcode if you know it or click the link that says ‘find an EPC using the street name and town‘ and enter the street name and town instead.
  1. Select the property from the list that shows up for properties in that postcode or street. 
  1. Look at the EPC certificate and it should say the square metre size of the property on there. 
  1. You can then just convert square metres to square footage if you prefer by multiplying by 10.7639.
    • E.g. 100 square metres = 1076.39 square feet

And there you have it. 

You have found the square footage size of a property on Rightmove.


EPC ratings can sometimes be inaccurate and floorplans done by estate agents are often inaccurate too.Β 

At the end of the day, the only way to get the most accurate measurements is to measure it yourself or get an approximate measurement when you get a survey done.

Some properties might not have an EPC certificate if it is an older property that hasn’t changed hands in a long time. In this situation, you’re just going to have to rely on the floor plan or do a viewing to get a better feel for the size.

Further Reading

Finding the square footage of a property can be good when trying to compare similar comparable properties, but you should also make sure you compare other features like the rental demand between different areas.

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